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Oh Ellie – thank you SO much for all your support. I was so nervous about everything at the start of this course but you really talked me through it. And guess what? I got the job!!!

Student testimonial

I created this course to support mothers and other women who have, for multiple reasons, had a career break and now wish to return to work. I know how daunting and overwhelming it can be to rebuild a career or to start one from the beginning when you’ve had time at home and I wanted to offer a space where women could create dazzling CVs that shout about their skills rather than panicking about career gaps, write covering letters that focus on brilliance and not on what isn’t there and practise interview techniques that make you shine so you can show your future boss exactly how much they need your unique skill set.

Brilliant if you:

This course is for anyone who is looking to re-enter the workforce after break or perhaps start work for the first time.

This is for women who feel completely overwhelmed by the whole job market and need support with the whole process of applying for jobs.

At the end of this course, you will feel much more confident about looking for, getting and starting work and you will be ready to take on the role you want.

We will creatively and honestly fill any gaps in your CV using your life experience, and I’ll teach you how to write a covering letter that sings.

What you’ll study:

This is a practical course that focuses on one or more specific roles that you would like to apply for.

Together, I’ll show you how to understand the job specification and how to show your future employer you have all the skills they’re looking for.

We will creatively and honestly fill any gaps in your CV using your life experience, and I’ll teach you how to write a covering letter that sparkles.

We’ll practise interview skills and what not to say and we’ll anticipate difficult questions and prepare your brilliant answers.

How you’ll study:

This course is a combination of live 1:1 sessions delivered either online or face to face in my Leeds office.

You will begin the course by completing a thorough summary of your life and career experiences to date, noting down e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that might even be a little bit relevant to the job you want.

What you’ll need

If you are taking these lessons online you’ll need a strong internet connection, headphones and a microphone. Most MP3 headphones will be sufficient but you may find it easier to use a headset like this one: (link)

You’ll also need a willingness to be pushed out of your comfort zone and be prepared to really think creatively about your skill set.

Your investment:

The minimum time investment for this course is 4 hours with at least one contact hour per week.

The more study you are able to complete outside our lessons, the more you will be able to cover over the course and therefore it is vital that you are able to set aside time for additional work.

For your financial investment, please see the fees page here.

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