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Regardless of whether we are just starting out in our careers or already have tons of useful experience, so many women, having got a great job, tend to either stay put or wait until they are 100% ready before going for any sort of promotion.

This robs their employer of their brilliant skills and limits their own career progression and income. Confidence has a big part to play in this whatever your experience or salary so I wanted to design a course that would empower all women and support our progress into better paying jobs.

Your Brilliant Promotion provides a space where brilliant women like you can check your work is culturally and linguistically watertight, practise giving presentations, craft beautifully clear written texts and gain the confidence you need to capitalise on your experiences and take the next step in your career.

Brilliant if you:

Already have a career you love but you want to lean into it further. Perhaps you are seeking promotion or want to request a pay rise. Perhaps you only have a temporary contract and you are looking to make it permanent.

Maybe you feel you risk being overlooked because of your age and sex and you need someone on your team looking out for you (I know, we all thought the bullies would grow out of it…) You need to know that the work you are currently doing is linguistically and culturally accurate and suitable for a corporate audience and is in line with the house style of your company.

Basically, you want to know that your brilliance is obvious to those around you.

What you’ll study:

This course is driven by your own needs as you recognise them in your professional English. For some students, you will study business English writing skills including writing reports, or being able to reach out to potential new clients by speculative letter in order to increase your professional reach. For other students, it may be that you have an important presentation coming up and you need to practise this, ensuring your message has maximum impact on your audience.

Your needs may also be more general than this – you may know for example that your business English isn’t as impactful as you would like it to be and you feel it holds you back. In your case, we’ll analyse examples of previously completed work and identify areas for professional improvement. You’ll have the space in this course to implement these changes in your professional English too.

How you’ll study:

You will work 1:1 with me either online or in my Leeds office. This is a practical course focused on your individual needs. As such, you will provide the basic material, whether this is notes or drafts for the letters you need to write or a basic script for a presentation. Together we will craft those brilliant ideas to make sure they shine and achieve exactly the results you want.

Your Brilliant Promotion is hands-on and constructive and at the end of it, you will have both a useful and complete document – whatever this is – and the confidence in your own abilities to progress further.

Students who have completed this course will also be able to take advantage of my proofreading services for future documents. The fee for this is here.

Your investment:

Your time investment:

Because the needs of all students differ, the time investment for this course is flexible. All students following Your Brilliant Promotion will meet with me for a minimum of four hours and for at least one hour per week. Schedule permitting, students are able to meet me for more than one hour per week and are able to extend the course as needed. Fees for addition hours are listed here.

Before our first session, all students will need to complete the pre-work which is a thorough assessment of your professional English needs which will inform the focus of the course.

Your financial investment:
The fee for the pre-work and the initial four hours is listed here.

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