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Native Speakers

“After I left school, I went into the first job I could find – working in a supermarket. I had always dreamt of working with children but I had no idea how to go from the job I was currently in to the job I really wanted. I did some voluntary work experience in a nursery but even with this experience I still felt unprepared. I was put in touch with Ellie by a mutual friend and she asked me lots of questions about all my experience. I wasn’t sure why she even asked some of them if I’m honest! After a few sessions though, we had created a brilliant cover letter that I used to get a job as a TA in a primary school. I’m now about to start a PGCE and couldn’t be happier!”


I created Your Career Change for Native Speakers to support people who know they have so much more to give their professional life but have perhaps lost their confidence or don’t know where to begin. I wanted to support people who needed to know how to access the great opportunities available to them.

This course focuses on the practical skills you’ll need to change career. You’ll create and polish your CV, you’ll learn how to write brilliant cover letters that show you for the superstar you are – while not feeling cringy or fake – and you’ll practise interview techniques. Most of all though, you’ll be able to confidently navigate the jobs market, knowing how to sell yourself without being brash and making sure you never make the mistakes that really turn employers off.

I’ll support you to see your potential and make sure potential employers see it too. At the end of this course, you’ll feel poised and ready to embrace your career change.

Brilliant if you:

Are ambitious and want to work hard to achieve your career goals but don’t know how to turn the skills you have into the career you want.

Maybe you feel intimidated by the interview process and get so nervous that your interviewer just can’t see you for how wonderful you are.

Perhaps there are gaps in your CV where you’ve taken a break to raise children or travel or you have a work history that doesn’t seem relevant to a different working environment.

You’ll practise interview questions and techniques and I’ll teach you the unspoken code behind some of the questions employers ask – and what they really want to hear.

What you’ll study:

This course wholly focuses on you and the wonderful experience you have. Together, we’ll look at your full life, education and career history and carefully curate the best bits and package them up to wow your future boss.

This hands-on and results focused course will teach you how to craft your brilliant cover letter and CV to open doors – even if your confidence has taken a bit of a battering or you’ve got big career gaps.

You’ll learn about the different kinds of questions that are often asked at interviews – and what your interviewer really wants to hear. You’ll learn some mistakes that career changers often make in interviews and how to avoid them, and the guaranteed way to make sure you’re always called for interview, whatever role you’re applying for.

You’ll practise interview questions and techniques and I’ll teach you the unspoken code behind some of the questions employers ask – and what they really want to hear.

You’ll know exactly what employers are looking for when they sift through the pile of applications on their desks and you’ll make sure yours gets seen. At the end of the course you’ll know how to create cover letters or CVs for any job you want and you’ll have practised interview questions. You’ll know how to sell yourself in a way that feels authentically you and not full of meaningless waffle.

How you’ll study:

This course is delivered in 1:1 sessions. The course will be fully tailored to what you need so you’ll spend time between sessions making reflective notes about all your experience and everything you can offer your new boss.

This course works best if you have a specific job role in mind but general CV and cover letter writing and polishing is also available.

Your investment:

Your time investment for this course is 6 hours contact time plus extra time for homework and other tasks.

For your financial investment, please see here

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