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Native Speakers

Even though English is your native language, you still feel lost when it comes to essay-writing.

You feel like you should know how to do this – but you don’t. Even worse, you feel there’s no one to teach you. Perhaps you studied science based subjects after GCSE, perhaps you’re returning to academic study as a mature student, perhaps you just need to know that there’s someone in your corner supporting you and helping you when you feel stuck.

Over the years working as a private English teacher, I have met many students who have great ideas and a great work ethic but who are totally overwhelmed when it comes to knowing how to put an essay together. Some students needlessly lose marks on their essays and because of this their enjoyment of the subject suffers. Study goes from being expansive and joyful to stressful and pressured. If this sounds like you, I’ve got you.

Brilliant if you:

Are returning to academic study after a break or if you are writing essays again for the first time since GCSE.

This course will help you cut through the overwhelm of the task of putting together an essay (even though you understand the topic).

This course is also brilliant for students who are stuck on a 2i and need to learn how to lift their work to a first.

I’ll support you to organise your reading and manage your time effectively

What you’ll study:

This is a practical, hands-on course that will teach you both the framework for all great essays while also being focused on your specific essay title.

You’ll learn what top level academic essays have in common and some common mistakes that students often make that cost them serious marks. I’ll support you to organise your reading and manage your time effectively. I’ll support your English skills too (even though English is your first language) and make sure you have the language you need to shine while also teaching you what not to write. I’ll teach you how to confidently craft essays that will make your examiner leap from their chair in joy and start singing your praises.

You’ll learn how to go from essay title and no idea to confidently getting grades you deserve – and maybe even enjoying the process!

How you’ll study:

You will study 1:1 with me either in my Leeds office or online.

You’ll learn how to recognise and include the key elements of a brilliant essay and you’ll be clear exactly what your mark scheme means and how to apply it so your examiner awards you the grades.

I’ll teach you how to organise your time, your research, your writing and more so you get the work done without the procrastination and overwhelm. Best of all, you’ll understand what a great essay needs to include and the small tricks that can add an entire degree class onto your work.

Students who have completed this course will also be able to take advantage of my proofreading services for future documents. The fee for this is here.

Your investment:

Your time investement for this course is 6 hours plus extra time for private study. It goes without saying that the more time you are able to give to private study and reflection, the more this course will benefit you.

For your financial investment, please see the fees page here.

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