Your Accent

Non-native speakers

Do you ever feel nervous giving presentations? Do listeners ever ask you to repeat yourself? Do you dread making phone calls? If so, this may be the course for you…

I created ‘Your Accent’, a brilliant course that focuses on precisely that – your accent. I will not only teach you how to make sounds in a more British way but I’ll also give you strategies that you can use to help you speak confidently and clearly whatever the situation.

I’m going to support you to feel like you’ve ‘got this’.

Brilliant if you:

Are an advanced student who doesn’t need more grammar and vocabulary but sometimes feels your accent holds you back. You want to understand how the voice works and how real native speakers speak.

You want to learn how to confidently and accurately produce sounds in a British English way and you want to polish your British accent so your message sings.

What you’ll study:

This highly practical course goes deep into the acoustics and anatomy of British English sounds. You will learn about the main parts of the voice and how speech sounds are created. This will help you understand how to make sounds in a British English way. I’ll teach you the key features of the International Phonetic Alphabet so you will understand what all those funny symbols mean – and how they’ll help you confidently and accurately say words you’ve never heard before.

This course truly focuses on your individual voice. You will receive a thorough assessment of your voice at the start of the course so you will know before we even begin what areas you personally need to focus on. Your lessons will be tailored to exactly what you need and the exercises I give you to practise between classes will likewise be personalised for you.

You’ll also study how British English speakers actually produce sounds in real situations, because – as you know – the way sounds should be said and actually are said are often different. I know, I’m sorry.

At the end of this course you will be confidently producing difficult sounds in a way that makes sure your message sings while still sounding like you. You won’t pass for the Queen at the end of this, but you’ll no longer be asked to repeat yourself, or worse still – be ignored.

How you’ll study:

This course is a mixture of live 1:1 lessons delivered either over Zoom and individual study using resources that are tailored to exactly what you need that you can access anytime.

You’ll receive a detailed assessment at the start of the course so you’ll know exactly which sounds you need to work on and which you don’t.

What you’ll need

If taking these lessons online, you’ll need a set of headphones and a microphone. Although most MP3 in-ear headphones are fine, I recommend using a headset like this one. It will make sure the sound quality is clearer and that you can talk freely without needing to think about the position of your microphone.

You will need a way to receive voice recordings – my preferred method is WhatsApp but please get in touch to discuss this if you need to.

You’ll also need a willingness to work hard at quite repetitive exercises. In exactly the same way that an athlete will spend time repeating movements to make tiny adjustments and improvements, you will need to spend time carefully listening to British English sounds and practising making them yourself.

Your investment:

Your time investment:

This is a 12 week course. Over the 12 weeks you’ll receive 12 x 30 minute live 1:1 lessons with me and will complete practical tasks between classes. The amount of time you are able to spend practising sounds between classes will impact on how much your accent changes by the end of the course.

Your financial investment:

Please see the fees for this course on the fees page here.

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