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Learning English is a habit. It needs daily input.

The most successful learners work on their skills every single day. Let me guide your daily practice.

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This Women only membership

is for you if…

You want to speak English clearly and confidently and have access to speaking partners to practise with


You want daily lessons that are short, simple, relevant and usable


You want to ask questions about English pronunciation - and you want them answered quickly

You want weekly live lessons driven by the content you need - and where you can practise speaking in front of a group

You want all this delivered through the convenience of an Instagram account

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In my women only Instagram membership

you will:

  •  Receive a daily lesson that focuses on speaking and listening skills including pronunciation exercises so that your spoken skills continue to develop;
  • Find speaking partners so you can practise speaking and listen to a range of accents; 
  • Get your English pronunciation questions answered quickly so that you know you’ve got it right;
  • Take part in live weekly lessons that are based on the questions members are asking. During these lessons I will also work 1:1 with a member of the group building their pronunciation clarity and confidence. You will also get the chance to practise speaking in front of a groups of other learners. You are welcome to put yourself forward for this at any time;
  • Take part in reading tasks so that you are continuing to develop your vocabulary as you practise your speaking and listening skills.
  • Meet and network with other learners like you.

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Your first 7 days are free!

This is how it works

Simply sign up then head over to Instagram to @ellieenglishdaily and click “follow”. You’ll be able to watch past daily lessons straight away and of course ask me any questions you have about English.

@ellieenglishdaily is £9.97 per month.

You are free to cancel at any time and there are no tie ins.

Sign up here and then find me on Instagram @ellieenglishdaily and start receiving your daily English classes.

Sign up to @ellieenglishdaily.

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