Be proud of your English Voice

Speak British English with clarity, confidence and courage.

You understand that clear, confident pronunciation is the key to your success

You're ready to really speak in front of others - and you want to actually ENJOY it.

You're ready to invest the time you deserve into your unique voice

You’re ready to speak English as easily and confidently as you speak your mother tongue.

Your English Voice is my British English pronunciation course that teaches you all the skills you need to speak clear, confident English.  I’ll lead you step-by-step through the sounds of English that create the most confusion for learners. I’ll teach you how to add impact to your voice through the use of prosody – that’s stress, intonation, pitch and tone. I’ll also teach you ways to boost your confidence and of course, you’ll get lots and lots (and lots!) of chances to practise.

You’re looking for a course that is:

  • Focused on all aspects of pronunciation from individual sounds, to stress & intonation and connected speech;
  • Highly practical with lots of examples to work with;
  • Detailed and systematic so you study everything that really matters;
  • Created by an expert so you know you’re learning authentic, modern British English
  • Self-led because you’re motivated and driven

Not only that, you want a course that:

  • Teaches you the patterns behind English so you understand how sounds are linked (and you can guide your own study after the course is finished);
  • Is broken down into small lessons so you can always find time to learn however busy you are;
  • Gives you the option to get detailed, personal feedback at a time that suits you
  • Lots and lots (and lots!) of modern, useful and interesting practice material so you really are able to transform your voice

English pronunciation can be such a headache. There are SO many different accents and ways of saying the same thing. Intonation and stress make such a difference too. And to make things worse, pronunciation is always evolving. The ways we said something even a few years ago might sound old and stuffy now.

Not only that, you’re busy.  Yes, you can probably cobble together some of what you need just from free YouTube videos, but do you really have time? And are you sure what you’re watching is actually what you need? How do you even know that the teacher speaks how you know you’d like to speak?

Your English Voice takes the guesswork out of British English pronunciation by leading you systematically through the most important sounds that make the real difference to how you speak. You won’t study every single sound of British English – because you don’t need to. Instead, you’ll focus on what makes the biggest impact and gives you the clearest, most confident pronunciation.

Here’s what the course includes:

  • Over 70 video lessons: Each lesson focuses on an important feature of British English. I’ll explain the feature and you’ll be given practical exercises to complete. These exercises have been written by me to target key sounds and you won’t find them anywhere else. Value £139
  • Systematic study: Each lesson has a different focus ranging from individual vowels and consonants to pairs of sounds, stress, intonation, grammatical phrases and connected speech. 
  • Daily tasks: The most successful students work on their pronunciation every day so the tasks are designed to be small and manageable so you can always fit them into your busy schedule
  • Longer lessons: You will finish this course with a full understanding of how the sounds of English are created in the body and how they are linked. The longer lessons explain these theoretical underpinnings of language and give you the language to describe your voice. Value £49
  • Videos for shadowing: As well as the videos I have created for you, the course also includes videos of other modern British English speakers for you to shadow. Shadowing really helps your pronunciation – and is great for your listening skills too! Value £49
  • Personal feedback on Telegram: when you upgrade to the Individual tier you will get personalised 1:1 feedback directly from me.  You can send either audio or video files and I will reply to tell you exactly what you need to focus on. Value £99
  • Weekly 1:1 lessons with me: when you upgrade to the Individual tier of the course, you’ll get three 30 minute 1:1 lessons on Zoom each month. The contents of this lesson will be dictated entirely by what you need. Value: £250

Altogether, the total value of the course is £685

(You pay less than half this!)

    Imagine the value of being proud of your voice. Imagine the relationships you could build, the ideas you could bring to fruition, the recognition you could win. No more repeating yourself, no more watching people scratch their heads and nodding politely as they try to work out what you’re trying to tell them.

    And because your voice has become so clear – no one notices it at all. They notice your confidence and they take note of what you say.

    Your voice – that wonderful tool we all have – is doing exactly what it should do for you. It’s opening up opportunities and leading you towards your dreams.


    I’m an English teacher- but of course you already know this. Did you also know I’m an introvert? That speaking in front of others never came naturally to me. It was something I had to really work towards to be able to do.

    I know too well the fear of speaking up – because I’ve lived it. And because I’ve lived it, I’ve had to learn techniques to overcome it. I want to teach you exactly how amazing you can sound in English because I want you to fall in love with Your English Voice.

    Some frequently asked questions:


    What level of English do I need?

    To get the most out of the course, I recommend that your level is intermediate or higher.

    Do I have to do all the tasks?

    Ideally yes. If you want to finally feel confident with your British English pronunciation I’d advise you to complete all the tasts I set you. Don’t worry though – each task is short so you can always fit it in to your busy life.

    How long do I get access to the course material?

    This is a rolling membership. This means that you can access the materials and attend classes as long as your subscription is up to date.

    What is the Your English Voice : Self Study option?

    Self study means that you have access to all the course materials but you don’t get feedback from me. You can of course always book in an additional 1 hour 1:1 lesson with me if you’d like to. You can do that here. You can book in a 1 hour 1:1 lesson with me here.

    What is Telegram?

    Telegram is an App that you can access from your phone or computer. It’s very similar to WhatsApp except your personal phone number is hidden. It’s completely free to download and use. I’m very happy to help you use this App if it’s new to you.

    Please explain what happens if I sign up for the Individual tier.

    In short – you get lots of support!

    You will get three 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me each month. These are completely bespoke and planned around your personal learning needs.

    You will also be able to send me messages directly on Telegram that I will respond to within 24 hours. You will be able to send me recordings of you completing the exercises I have given you in the course. I will give you direct and personal feedback. This will be entirely private and I will never share these recordings.

    Each time you send a recording, I will give you specific feedback for improvement. In this way, you will see guaranteed progess in your English pronunciation.

    How long do I have access to you on Telegram?

    For as long as you are signed up for the course. I reply to all messages within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

    Imagine knowing you can get personal feedback from a native British English speaker at a time that’s convenient for you!

    Tell me about the 1:1 lessons. What times are you available?

    I am available Monday to Fridays from 7am to 10pm UK time. If you’d like to check with me that we have a time that will work for both of us before you sign up, please message me hello (at) ellieenglish (dot) uk. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.