How would it feel…

  • To be confident in your English?
  • To know that your English is improving every day?
  • To know that you never need to worry about losing your skills or feeling your English is going rusty?

What would it mean to you to know that you have a supportive teacher AND a community of other motivated and ambitious learners behind you?

Time to talk is for you if…

You're ready to dedicate time to using your English every single day - but you don't have unlimited time.


You want genuine, interesting content (not boring text books) that supports not only your speaking and listening skills but teaches you about British culture too.

You need classes where you actually get chance to practise your own skills and get daily support through simple, focused and effective tasks.

You want live classes driven by the content you need - and where you can meet native English speakers with a strong regional accent so you can really sharpen your listening skills.

You want all this delivered through the convenience of a private, members only Facebook group that you can access from anywhere.

If you’re ready for clear, confident, fluent English , it’s time to talk…

Time to Talk is designed to transform your speaking and listening. It will take you from isolated, shy and alone trying to resurrect rusty English that you’re quickly forgetting to speaking clearly, confidently and fluently so that your English works for you and connects you with the world.

Time to Talk combines daily pronunciation drills with daily opportunities to speak English. It gives you live classes with me and gives you the opportunity to network with other motivated learners like you from around the world.

English belongs to the world – why not use it for what it’s designed for and amplify your voice.

Here’s what the membership looks like:

Time to Talk is an ongoing monthly membership. Each week day you will be set a short task. This focuses intensively on a specific skill. This could be:

  • a specific sound;
  • the difference between a pair of sounds;
  • how to pronounce a grammatical phrase in connected speech, things like “I would have thought”;
  • study of a phrase British people really use, like “I’m not being funny but”;
  • listening tasks including intensive focus on a range of British accents;
  • intonation and stress and how they can change the meaning of a phrase even if the grammar stays the same;
  • and more

Here’s what you’ll get each month:

  • 20 daily lessons including pronunciation drills, connected speech, intonation, British phrases and more
  • Exclusive, members-only website where resources including previous pronunciation lessons and one-to-one classes are stored so you can access them any time you need to.
  • 16 x 1 hour conversation classes where you can come and have a regular conversation with me and chat to other members of our exclusive members only Facebook group
  • 4 x 30 minute one-to-one pronunciation classes. Members can apply for this and all classes are recorded
  •  1 x 1 hour class where you can speak directly to someone with a strong regional accent and ask them questions about their pronunciation and other topics to really boost your listening skills
  • Unlimited speaking partners – with prizes for those of you who connect with the most people that month

That’s over 40 sessions of speaking and listening content each month – for less than £1 a day.

I am very lucky to have such a supportive and knowledgeable teacher

Irene, Ukraine

I find your explanations IMMENSELY helpful as they are short, concise and very CLEAR.

Mary, Russia

Your daily tasks are so effective and achievable.

Carolina, Spain

I’ve been teaching English since 2006, first as an undergraduate tutor at the University of Leeds, then as a high school teacher and then as a private 1:1 and small group teacher working online. I’ve overseen the transformation of more than 1,000 students from all backgrounds and with all sorts of different goals including:

  • adults looking to use their English for promotion and to change career,
  • university and postgraduate students who want to ensure their presentations are impactful and successful,
  • speakers who want use their English with greater clarity and confidence.

I’m also the founder of @EllieEnglishDaily, a women’s only membership programme on Instagram that has supported dozens of women from around the world improve their English confidence through daily short, focused tasks and weekly lessons.

As a phonetics graduate, I am most passionate about spoken language and the transformation clear, confident and fluent English gives my students.

My own academic background is in Linguistics and Phonetics. I got a first class degree in 2003 and a distinction at Masters level in 2005. I’ve written over 25,000 words about /r/ – and would you believe there is still so much more to say! Before training as a high school teacher I worked as a tutor and exam invigilator for practical phonetics exams at the University of Leeds. I’ve also used my skills in phonetic analysis to work in criminal justice. My job was to listen to 999 calls and other recordings of audio evidence to prepare reports for court. This background gives me a deep understanding of sounds and the different ways speakers produce them. I now bring this expertise to my work as an online English teacher.  


My approach to learning English is to focus on good quality resources (no text books here!) and to provide genuine materials that reflect how English is really spoken in the UK. Language is alive and always changing and my classes reflect that.

Imagine this. You speaking clearly and confidently and no longer worrying that your English is going rusty. English has now become a natural part of your life. You are fluent in English, you chat freely and easily and never feel anxious that you won’t understand what you’re being told.

Your English now means you can get that promotion, deliver that course, give that presentation, pass that exam, join that network. Your English is a tool you are in complete control of and you know how to use it to build the life of your dreams. 


All this is and more is waiting for you.

You just need to grab it, go for it, trust yourself and invest in yourself.

How many hours per week is the membership?

You’ll be given a task to do every day which should take you around 10-15 minutes. In addition we have 4 hours of conversation classes each week – although most members don’t attend all of these. You’ll also be invited to the live workshop with a native speaker with a strong accent. These classes will also be recorded so you don’t need to worry about missing it.

What times are the conversation classes?

Mondays 9.30-10.30am. Tuesdays 10-11am, Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm and Thursdays 6.40-7.40pm. All times UK, currently GMT + 0. One-to-one pronunciation classes are arranged with the student. It’s my intention that all students should be able to attend at least two classes a week (if they want to).

Do I get 1:1 time with Ellie?

This is a group membership programme. All members can request a one-to-one pronunciation class with Ellie. I do one per week and there’s a waiting list for this. You can upgrade to the elite option which gives you 4 30 minute lessons per month for only £99. Message me about this directly for more information.

Does the membership include grammar lessons?

No, the focus on Time to Talk is exclusively on speaking and listening skills (although this does include focused study of the pronunciation of grammatical phrases).

How will only speaking to other learners help my English?

Great question! There are so many myths around about why it is better to practise speaking with a native speaker rather than a non-native one. But they’re just that – myths.

The truth is that biggest barriers most students face when they want to develop their English speaking skills is lack of output. This simply means they do not spend enough time talking. In Time to Talk the focus is on your output. It is your chance to develop your own fluency as a speaker.

Not only that, English is spoken by more people as a second language than as a first. Therefore, you are more likely to be using your English to speak with another speaker who learned English as an adult than one who spoke it from birth.

Do I have to do all the daily tasks?

No you don’t. Obviously the more tasks you do, the more input you get but ultimately this is your membership and you’re in charge of your own work.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

There’s no pressure to attend all the conversation classes. I know the members are busy so I don’t want anyone to feel worried about being “behind”. Just join us again when you’re ready