Hello, I’m Ellie. I’m so pleased to meet you.

Through Ellie English, I create interesting, relevant and helpful resources that support students to reach their English goals. I have supported dozens of students through my pronunciation course Your English Voice  and I founded Time To Talk, a monthly membership that supports members with their fluency and language confidence. I create resources too including Daily Pronunciation Drills, my British English Listening Bundle, the book How to Write a Brilliant Essay and the video course Vowels Made Easy which are all designed to give students the tools they need to support their English skills. I upload videos to my Instagram account @ellieenglishteacher several times a week.


Here are three things you may not know about me:

I find the human vocal tract weirdly interesting 

and I just adore studying and teaching spoken language. At uni I wrote over 25,000 words about the /r/ sound which barely scratches the surface of what there is to say about it. (I know!)

Education saved me.

Yes, this sounds a bit dramatic but I truly believe this. I was an unemployed single mother living in a really awful situation before I went back to uni and started my degree. I got a first class degree with honours in Linguistics, a distinction in Phonetics the year after and then trained to be a teacher. It’s not considered very British to show off like that but I don’t care – I am ridiculously proud of these achievements.

I’m a huge introvert

and speaking in front of big audiences did not come naturally to me. I had to learn skills that so many of my peers found easy but because of these experiences, it is my honest opinion that the skills needed to succeed in any type of speaking are very similar: you need to structure your language, you need to understand your audience, you need to anticipate things not going to plan and you need a goal. ⁠

This is where I help.⁠



  • Linguistics and Phonetics BA (Hons) awarded first class: University of Leeds
  • Linguistics and Phonetics MA awarded distinction: University of York
  • PGCE with QTS awarded with master’s credits: University of Leeds



A good education, and the confidence it gives you, can transform our lives.

Ellie’s background in audiology has been a key factor in explaining how to pronounce tricky English consonants and vowels correctly.

She is not only a great tutor but also a good listen and a bit of a coach whom you would like to share your daily worries with.

Yuliya, Ukraine.