Your English is brilliant – but I’m not going to patronise you and say it can’t be even better.

English is a global language and I believe students learn best when they use relevant, interesting and up-to-date materials and when they have plenty of opportunity to practise, practise – and practise!

My students are interested in life, motivated in their careers and are looking to use their English skills to enhance both.⁠


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If you’re ready to speak clear, confident British English, you’re in the right place.

Your English Voice is my ten week British English pronunciation course that teaches you all the skills you need to speak clear, confident English.  I’ll lead you step-by-step through all aspects of pronunciation from individual sounds, to stress & intonation and connected speech.

My course is:

  • Highly practical with lots of examples to work with;
  • Detailed and systematic so you study everything that really matters;
  • Created by an expert so you know you’re learning authentic, modern British English.

I want you to learn in the way that’s perfect for you, so there are three different ways you can access the course.


If you want to make your English dreams a reality, it’s Time to Talk.

Time to Talk is my conversation community that gives members the time and space they need to speak confidently and fluently. I know how important regular practise is to keep and develop skills so Time to Talk includes:

– four hours each week of conversation classes with interesting, relevant topics. You can come to as many as you like.

– access to a members-only website with over 50  tasks that are simple, focused and effective to support pronunciation and listening skills including longer videos where you can meet a British speaker with a strong regional accent so you can really strengthen your listening.

These two elements of the membership creates a really comprehensive programme that supports your speaking and listening skills.


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About Ellie:

I’m Ellie, a UK based pronunciation specialist.

Through Ellie English, I create interesting, relevant and helpful resources that support students. I founded Time To Talk, a monthly membership that supports members with their fluency and language confidence and my British English pronunciation course Your English Voice that teaches you everything you need to speak British English clearly and confidently.

I create resources including Daily Pronunciation Drills  and British English Listening Bundle. I upload videos to my Instagram account @ellieenglishteacher several times a week.

My shop:

Time to Talk - my monthly membership

Imagine feeling confident with your spoken English. Imagine knowing that your English is improving every day. Imagine no longer feeling worried that your English is going rusty or that you’re losing your skills.

Time to Talk is designed with you in mind. 4 hours of conversation classes a week, pronunciation tasks and more.

Find out more and to join here.

Your English Voice

Your English Voice is my British English pronunciation course with personal lessons and feedback between classes. I’ll teach you all the skills you need to speak clear, confident English.

I’ll lead you step-by-step through all aspects of pronunciation from individual sounds, to stress & intonation and connected speech.

Find out more here.

Daily Pronunciation Drills

Start improving your English today with 10 days of pronunciation drills, guaranteed to help you speak better English by the end of the week!

The drills are backed by neuroscience and will build the daily habits and practice you need that are crucial for your pronunciation success.

See more and buy here.

I highly recommend Ellie as a teacher. I have been working with her for 10 months and feel the result in my pronunciation. I became more confident as Ellie gradually built my awareness of British sounds. She works with great passion and enthusiasm in her lessons. Ellie thoroughly leads her students to improving their English language. Thanks to her, I am feeling more confident in my intensive PGCE primary 5-11 course. It’s just luck to have a teacher as Ellie.

Lyuba, Ukraine