Vowels Made Easy

Vowels can seem so confusing – especially in English with its less than helpful spelling system. If only there was a way to understand the relationship between vowels and if only there was language you could use to easily describe them. Even better if there was also a way you could systematically link vowel sounds together (regardless of spelling!) so you could easily and efficiently practise in a helpful way.

Vowels Made Easy is a 45-minute video course that explains how teachers and linguists describe vowels. It will talk you through the language you need to describe vowels and explain why you need to know this. I’ll explain lexical sets too giving you a thorough understanding of the relationships between vowels and how they link together. After watching this video course, you’ll understand what’s actually happening and vowels will stop being a confusing muddle.

Imagine being able to confidently and clearly describe the differences between words like:

– “bed” and “bad”,

– “risen” and “reason”,

– “circle” and “cycle”.

Imagine then being able to direct your own pronunciation practise because you understand not only what you’re aiming for but how to get there.

I have created Vowels Made Easy to give you the knowledge you need to boost your confidence and clarity.

Ellie, I’d like to say thank you for the Vowels Made Easy course. It has been helpful for me. There is a clear and detailed representation of the english vowels. The lexical sets practice provides an opportunity to guide and improve my pronunciation every day.

Irina, Russia